Welcome to Artologie Zipper Jewelry! 

Nicoletta is a lifelong artist and art educator, with an M.A. in Art Education and Administration. She has worked in fibers, acrylics, oils, and sculpture. Her current work is inspired by the reinvention of the mundane zipper, elevated to an art form into unexpected jewelry designs. Nicoletta was born and raised in Hoboken, NJ, a small town with big firsts in industrial history, one of them being the first successful zipper! Intrigued by the idea of taking objects out of their normal context, the original spiral zipper necklace was born. Inspired by the aged look and the shiny metal of a vintage zipper, she found a way to reinvent it to make it wearable, swirling the zipper to call attention to the giant zipper pull. It evoked curiosity by many who were struck by the unexpected context of the zipper as a clever piece of jewelry.

As the sole designer and maker of her own line of zipper jewelry, Nicoletta is happy to share her work with the world, while transforming this mundane object into unique, edgy, wearable art for everyone.